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2018-09-28 14:31:55

Welcome to Peruvian Exchange!

Peru, mystical land of natural and cultural riches; traditional and fertile, yet inherently wild; where the land’s ancient history is interwoven with the passion and pride of its people, and because of this very passion, we strive to bring you Peru’s best.

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Fashion, Style, Alpaca Clothes & More Natural Blends

Peruvian Exchange works with the best Peruvian Alpaca brands and designers, to bring you the latest fashion in clothing made out of Baby Alpaca, Alpaca Blends and Peruvian Pima Cotton. We are your direct Peruvian connection to the best products from the land of the Incas.

Our products are sourced from the best textile manufacturers in Peru who meet our exacting standards for quality, style, and functionality. 
Our goal is to improve the connection between Alpaca Brands with Peruvian quality products known for their high-quality manufacturing and design, and customers from all around the world.